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Do you have a leaky home?

If you live in a leaky building, then you should carry out remediation and recladding work as soon as possible.

If you don’t call the right building team in for your leaky home repairs soon, you can be fairly sure that two things will happen:

  • Your leaky building problems will continue to worsen.
  • The cost to rectify them will increase the longer issues are left.

Recladding your property will improve structural integrity and weatherproofing. Our team can create a healthier, drier environment for you and your family so you can sleep easy when it rains. Our cladding specialists can manage the project from start to finish. We have the management skills and in-depth understanding of the entire reclad process to provide an efficient, cost-effective solution at minimum disruption to your lives or business. See what previous clients have said about our Auckland building team and how we helped them with building repairs.

Give Dan Hendy a call on 0800 462 327 to find out how the DBS Residential building team can help.

reclad a house
Recladding with DBS Residential will solve issues with leaks in your home and give you a brand-new exterior. A well-maintained, quality exterior cladding system is the key to your property making a good impression. 

What caused so many leaky buildings in NZ?

Most leaky homes in New Zealand were built between 1994 and 2005 when New Zealand building laws permitted the use of some seriously flawed building and cladding systems. In extreme cases, the timber frames rotted making buildings uninhabitable while other homes developed weather-tightness problems, making mould a serious health risk for occupants.

However, it is not just the homes from this era that can have moisture issues. Homes with complex roofs, plastered exterior walls, internal decks and small or no eaves can also develop weather-tightness issues.

DBS Residential has helped many homeowners with new cladding for their leaky homes. We have also helped with kitchen and bathroom renovations, deck repairs and hard landscaping such as fences, balustrades and outdoor entertainment areas. See the range of building services we offer.

The recladding process

A total house reclad is one of the most cost-effective ways to address weather tightness issues. A reclad involves enveloping a building in a weatherproof layer and then stripping the building so all the necessary recladding and remedial structural work can be carried out.

For a good recladding job that guarantees that your property will be weather-proof and free from rot, you will need a top-quality builder to manage the job. We recognise that every building project is different, and each recladding project will vary. However, all recladding projects include:

  • Building consent application to the council.
  • Removal of all the existing cladding, building wrap, joinery and insulation.
  • Removal of all damaged or rotted timber and replacement with treated timber.
  • Change to any construction work, such as decks, to make your building compliant with the current building code.
  • Treatment of all existing timber with an approved timber treatment.
  • Installation of insulation, building wrap and waterproofing tapes.
  • If required, installation of refurbished or new joinery.
  • Installation of a new, approved cladding system of your choice.

At DBS Residential we have the experience and expertise to perform a top-quality, thorough job. We’ll leave you with a warm, dry, weather-tight home or business premises you can be proud of.

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You deserve leaky home repairs done right. Proper recladding jobs take good management and years of experience. That is precisely why Dan Hendy and his team are so good at them. Call 021 550 142 for expert leaky home repairs across Auckland!