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Recladding and exterior revitalisation

What does your house cladding say?

A well-maintained, quality exterior cladding system is the key to your property making a good impression. As well as detracting from your home’s good looks, poor cladding can also lead to the deterioration of structural timbers. But all too often, house recladding and other exterior house renovations get put on the backburner.

Doing nothing can lead to expensive repairs later on.

Give Dan Hendy direct on 021 550 142 to find out how the DBS Residential building team can help your home.

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Why reclad your home?

The primary reason we reclad Auckland homes is to repair damage from the leaky home crisis. Most leaky homes in Auckland were built between 1994 and 2005 when complex roofs, plastered exterior walls, internal decks and small or no eaves were the trend. These issues were compounded by the use of untreated timber in wall framing, no water-resistant cavity battens and poor cladding systems.

DBS Residential has been asked to reclad Auckland homes for years. We have the experience and know-how to create a weather-tight home you can feel safe in, and be proud of.

Not every reclad is due to a leaky home

People don’t ask us to reclad Auckland homes just because of weathertightness issues. Reclads are a great way to rejuvenate your home’s exterior; replacing dated plasterboard with a more modern weatherboard equivalent.

Recladding your home gives you the opportunity to create a completely new look to your home. You can:

  • modernise
  • identify and repair any damage to framing, flooring, linings, balustrades or waterproof decks
  • upgrade to the current Building Code
  • treat sound untreated timber while the framing is exposed
  • review and replace flashings and eaves
  • improve weathertightness and thermal efficiency.
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How DBS can help with the reclad process

A quality reclad is all about planning. Resource consent is not required for house recladding, whereas a building consent is needed. The documentation for a building consent must contain sufficient detail to demonstrate clearly how the house will keep water out, specifying such things as ground clearances, balcony and deck details, the cladding system to be installed, joinery and flashing detail and how the house will meet the requirements of the NZ Building Code.

From managing the consent process and liaising with council inspectors on-site, we can help with all the stages involved in recladding your Auckland home. We can

  • help get the original files and records from council
  • help get full working drawings drawn up for the remedial work
  • submit drawings to council for consent
  • provide a quote and building contract.

During the building work, we’ll manage all contractors, look after safety issues, and keep the work area clean and tidy. We will, of course, communicate with you regularly on our progress. DBS Residential works up to the North Shore, West Auckland and as far north as Orewa to reclad Auckland homes, making them safer, drier, more liveable and more valuable.

To reclad Auckland homes properly takes a team who really knows what they’re doing. A good recladding job takes management skills and a thorough understanding of the whole reclad process, which is why DBS Residential is so good at them. Call Dan Hendy on 021 550 142.

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We reclad Auckland homes. So, if you’re in Auckland and your place needs a revamp, talk to Dan at DBS Residential. Call 021 550 142 for the builders North Shore, Auckland and the Hibiscus Coast homeowners trust for a good job well done!