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Got a leaky home?

If you have a leaky home, you’re pretty well guaranteed that two things will happen:

  • Your leaky building problem will continue to worsen.
  • The cost to rectify the problem will grow the longer the issues are left.

If you ask about fixing leaky homes NZ experts will tell you do it now. You should carry out remediation and recladding work as soon as possible. Give Dan Hendy direct on 021 550 142 to find out how the DBS Residential building team can help.

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Why are there so many leaky buildings in NZ?

Most leaky homes in New Zealand were built between 1994 and 2005 when New Zealand building laws permitted the use of some seriously flawed building and cladding systems. During that period, complex roofs, plastered exterior walls, internal decks and small or no eaves were the trend. These issues were compounded by the use of untreated timber in wall framing, no water-resistant cavity battens and poor cladding systems. The result: leaky homes that trapped moisture, rotting timber and homeowners with major structural damage to their buildings, serious health risks and serious financial strain. DBS Residential has helped many homeowners with new cladding for their leaky homes.

Some other factors that contribute to leaky homes and homes with moisture issues are:

  • Poorly installed or constructed flashings, windows, and roof junctions
  • Leaking membrane decks and roofs
  • Cracking in plaster cladding
  • Insufficient ground clearance
  • Quality of building materials
  • Poor workmanship.

New cladding

Get a quality recladding job and your home will not only look like fantastic, but new cladding will also improve structural integrity and weatherproofing, creating a healthier, drier environment.

When moisture gets into your property, mould and rot damage the house’s structure, affecting your health and the health of your family.

Fixing leaky homes to make them weatherproof and free from rot takes a top-quality, experienced builder who knows what they’re doing. You’re placing your biggest asset in their hands – your home – and you’re trusting them with your family’s health. It’s a big responsibility, and it’s one that as builders with families themselves, the DBS team does not take lightly.

DBS Residential has been recladding leaky homes in Auckland for years. We have the experience and know-how to build you a warm, dry, weather-tight home you can feel safe in, and be proud of.

We can reclad it

Recladding is one of the most cost-effective ways to address weather tightness issues. The process involves completely enveloping a building in a weatherproof layer and then stripping the building and carrying out all the recladding and remedial structural work required.

DBS Residential will work all through the Auckland region – up to the North Shore, West Auckland and as far north as Orewa – to reclad leaky homes in Auckland, making homes safer, drier, more liveable and more valuable for you and your family.

From helping with the preparation of drawings to be submitted to the council, managing the consent process and liaising with council inspectors on-site, we can help with all the stages involved in recladding your Auckland home. During the building work, we’ll manage all contractors, look after safety issues, and keep the work area clean and tidy. We will, of course, communicate with you regularly on our progress.

When it comes to fixing leaky homes, you don’t want to muck about. Call 021 550 142 for the team who knows what they’re doing.

The recladding process

Every building project is different, and that each recladding project will vary. However, all recladding projects include:

  • Building consent application to the council.
  • Removal of all the existing cladding, building wrap, joinery and insulation
  • Removal of all damaged or rotted timber and replacement with treated timber
  • Change to any construction work, such as decks, to make your building compliant with the current building code
  • Treatment of all existing timber with an approved timber treatment
  • Installation of insulation, building wrap and waterproofing tapes
  • If required, installation of refurbished or new joinery
  • Installation of a new, approved cladding system of your choice.

You deserve an efficient, cost-effective solution with minimum disruption to your lives.  A proper recladding job takes good management skills and an in-depth understanding of the entire reclad process, which is why our team is so good at them.

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When fixing leaky homes NZ homeowners call the experts. So, if you’re in Auckland, talk to Dan at DBS Residential. Call 021 550 142 for the builders North Shore, Auckland and the Hibiscus Coast homeowners trust for a good job well done!

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