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A Raised Deck North Shore

North Shore Deck In The Canopy

Big decks are a very good way to get the most from a steep section. This deck in Hillcrest on Auckland’s North Shore virtually doubled the size of our clients’ usable living and entertaining space and created an outdoor area that was almost like being in the trees. At the highest point of the deck, you can literally reach out and touch the canopy of the surrounding native bush.

Building decks on a steep slope

This raised deck wrapped around the house going from ground level at one point to nearly five meters high at another.

Steep slopes can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. As the ground drops quickly, a deck on this type of section can offer spectacular views. But they can also be more difficult to build.

Decks vs lawns

Decks also create an outside area with less maintenance than a lawn or garden on a slope would need.

 Decking materials

  • 8×2 H3.2 framing timber @ 400 centres for the joists
  • 135x135mm H3.2 posts for the footings
  • 90x20mm decking timber
  • stainless steel fixings and railings throughout

Wrap-around raised deck

When your home is on a steep slope, it can make building a deck challenging.

That’s when building with proven, experienced professionals makes all the difference. Building a deck properly takes planning, skill and care, and that is only compounded as the building conditions get trickier.

Our clients are in Hillcrest on Auckland’s North Shore. An existing house and deck, they asked us to extend the deck around the whole house and match into the existing decking.

This in itself was not a big ask for our team. What was challenging was the steep site, the native bush close to the house, the limited access and the fact we were building in the middle of winter. And as anybody who has been to Auckland in winter knows, it rains and it rains.

The DBS building team were onto it.

Building challenges

On a steep section, there are many construction challenges – access, retaining, drainage, etc. – and it is only with careful planning that a great result, such as this deck, is achievable. Building a deck close to the bush is a great way to have a living space close to nature, but we had to build without clearing trees and the access around the house was very limited. We also had to be considerate of tree roots when digging the footings. This required small diggers, skilled operators and blokes on shovels. Quite messy in Auckland in the middle of winter.

We also had to match into the existing timber deck. This took quite a bit of planning and we’re delighted with the finished look. Using a ‘picture frame’ board around a deck gave a nice finished edge.

Standout features

The wrap-around deck has provided excellent indoor / outdoor flow from many points of the house which has certainly enhanced how our clients now use their home. This deck has improved the connection between the inside and the outside of the house a hundredfold, we think.


A beautiful raised deck is a great way to create more outdoor living space, and, with planning and skill, it can blend into the environment beautifully.

At DBS Residential we create stunning outdoor spaces that can truly enhance your lifestyle. Let’s discuss how we can increase the value of your home and make living there all the more enjoyable. 

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