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Building a new home

Why it can be the best choice for first homeowners

Invest in your future with a new home

Owning a home is more than a financial investment; it’s about securing your future and enhancing your quality of life. Building your home lets you tailor your living space to suit you, and nobody else.

Owning your own home means security

Renting often means living at the mercy of landlords, dealing with rent hikes, unresolved maintenance issues, and restrictions on personalising your living space. When you build your home, you gain control. Your payments contribute to an asset that’s truly yours, providing security for your family without the fear of sudden disruptions.

Building a new home can be a sound financial decision

With rents soaring due to housing shortages, investing in a new build is financially strategic. New builds are exempt from Loan To Value Ratio (LVR) restrictions, which means you can secure a mortgage with a lower deposit. In addition, the average cost of building a new home in 2023 remains competitive, especially when compared to the median sale price of existing homes.

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Average cost of building a new home vs buying one

The average cost of building a new home in 2023 is around $408,415. Compare this to the average cost of buying a home. In April 2023, the national median sale price for existing homes was $780,000. Depending on where you build, this makes the cost of building a new home a financially viable option, especially for first-time buyers. New homeowners should of course work closely with experienced professionals to ensure thorough budgeting, sound project management and that they have a clear understanding of potential additional costs. For example, factors such as elevated sites, retaining walls, specialised engineering needs, expensive cladding, or challenging accessibility can significantly impact construction expenses.

Low-maintenance living

A new build offers low-maintenance living. You can invest safely in the knowledge that your new build isn’t going to cost you time and money for many years to come. At DBS Residential, we only use materials and fixtures designed for durability and easy upkeep. Additionally, with a 10-year quality assurance warranty, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your investment is protected.

Healthy living standards

At DBS Residential, all our properties meet Healthy Home standards, ensuring superior heating, ventilation, and draught-stopping. Say goodbye to dampness and hello to a healthy, comfortable living space.

Great team, high standard of work. Got good advice from Dan throughout the project. Very happy with the finished product. Highly recommended!

Mark McNeil

Choose DBS Residential for your new home build

With DBS Residential, your dream home is not just a vision; it’s a tangible reality. Our commitment to quality and transparency sets us apart. Trust us to transform your dream into a home that exceeds your expectations.

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