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Maximise the ROI when renovating your house

Not every renovation project adds value to your home in terms of resale value. If you’re renovating to live in your home for a good long period of time, the return on investment doesn’t necessarily matter.

If you’re renovating to make capital gains, then get advice and plan well. As well as chatting with builders experienced in renovations, like us, real estate agents, architects and designers can be helpful.

People assume that kitchen or bathroom renovations will pay for themselves in terms of resale. Improving their appearance can seriously lift the value of your home. However, if they’re doing renovations for resale, we recommend that people think carefully before replacing the whole kitchen, for example, as the next owners may want to put their own stamp on it. Sometimes it may be better to just give the kitchen a facelift. You can make a big difference by replacing the benchtop, handles, cupboard door, taps or splashback.

Experience has shown us that if people are doing renovations with resale in mind, then adding usable space, and storage, and improving indoor-outdoor flow will probably give the most bang for the buck.

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Renovations for improved spaces

Adding space doesn’t necessarily entail doing an extension or a big, complicated building project. Sometimes you just need to look at your home through a different set of eyes. It may be that rooms can be reconfigured. For example, we could move a hot water cylinder to create space and laundries can be converted into an additional toilet, bathroom, or home office. We can look carefully at existing parts of the house, for instance, wardrobes or hallways, to see if it’s possible to reuse some space from these areas. It might be possible to convert a corner in the living area into a home office or study nook.

Dining rooms can become bedrooms. Sometimes the removal of a non-structural wall can create a more open feel, particularly in smaller houses and apartments. We can build new walls or move old ones to create three rooms from two.

A kitchen can be shifted into an open plan living or dining area. If the kitchen has enough storage space, we could take out an island unit to better connect the kitchen to other living spaces.

We can maximise storage. Having good storage space can add significant value to your home. We know how to ensure every possible nook or cranny is used for extra storage, a must in smaller homes. We can add built-in cabinets, shelving, or walk-in closets.

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Flow and appeal

Decks are an important renovation and can be a big win for return on investment. Connecting interior living spaces to the great outdoors with a spacious deck will add value and add to the overall appeal of the property.

In fact, according to Lodge Real Estate managing director Jeremy O’Rourke, an outside deck can increase a property value by up to 30%. The cost of a deck will obviously depend on the size and material. But a 20m2 deck will usually range from $8000 to $25,000.

We can also build overhead structures, such as louvre roofs, to provide protection from the sun and rain. We can incorporate built-in seating that can double as storage or screens to provide privacy from neighbours, block wind and hide service areas.

Selecting the right builders for your renovations

If you want your renovation to meet your expectations, you need the right people working on the job.

Hiring a professional builder to carry out your renovation is a bit of a no-brainer. It’s usually quicker, cheaper, and often safer, and our builders will get it right the first time. Whereas a botched DIY job would cost you more than if you had called in a pro from the outset.

Once you’ve made the decision to hire a professional builder, you want to make sure you work with someone who has the skills, attitude, and aptitude to ensure a smooth and stress-free renovation. You also want to work with a builder who has preferred subcontractors they have used before and whose work they trust. Why not read our reviews?

Renovating a home for resale in New Zealand can be daunting. It is a balancing act. You want to ensure that your renovation efforts will yield a high return on investment (ROI) when it’s time to sell. Therefore, it is essential to identify which home renovations make the biggest difference in terms of increasing the property’s value.

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It felt safe to work with a local team with good reviews. Steve and Josh came up with a good solution for new access and a storage room under the house, making the most of the space They listened to our ideas and delivered an excellent new room. When drainage became an issue they stuck with us to devise a solution. I wouldn’t hesitate to use their services in the future.
Annabel Grant


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