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Auckland flood damaged home repairs

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If your Auckland home has suffered flood damage, DBS Residential can help with repairs and rebuilding.

Rebuilding after a flood can be overwhelming, but a systematic approach and expert help from DBS will restore your home to its former glory.

Repairing flood-damaged homes presents unique challenges and as experienced renovations and remediation builders, we understand and can identify hidden issues like water damage to foundations, subfloor spaces or timber framing. So, if your Auckland home has suffered flood damage, DBS Residential is the team to call.

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Insurance and Flooding

After the trauma of a flood, dealing with insurance companies can be another complex and stressful process you have to endure. We work closely with insurers and other relevant parties to streamline the restoration process for you.

DBS Residential has the experience to get things done. We’ve been working with insurers and EQC, handling flood repairs. We make the job easier, acting as an intermediary to make the whole process smoother.

Comprehensive Flood Damage Repairs

Flood damage can vary in severity, from minor issues to significant structural damage. DBS Residential’s experienced crew is qualified to handle any construction-related flooding issues you may have.

Our flood repairs can include fixing roofs, timber framing, re-Gibbing, re-cladding, re-plastering, and essentially any construction job needed to restore your home.

Scope of Works

Once we have assessed the damage, we’ll develop a detailed plan for the repair process. This comprehensive document outlines all necessary work, timelines and associated costs for flood repairs.

Structural Repairs

Addressing structural damage is a priority. This may involve reinforcing the foundations, repairing or replacing damaged framing, and ensuring the roof and walls are structurally sound. Electrical and plumbing systems will also be assessed.

Address Wall and Floor Damage

We’ll remove the affected Gib, plasterboard or other damaged materials.

Interior and Exterior Restoration

Restoring your home’s interior and exterior may include repairing or replacing damaged flooring, walls, ceilings, anything made from medium-density fibreboard (MDF), such as kitchen cabinetry and doors, and decorative features. We’ll also address dampness or mould issues by replacing insulation and improving ventilation.

Sub-Floor Spaces

The best way to dry the underfloor space is to maximize the airflow. Sub-floor spaces must allow free drainage to the outside and to prevent water ponding, subfloor ground surfaces should be higher than the ground surrounding a house. As flood waters may have altered the ground profile, if necessary, we’ll dig drainage channels to drain the water out and remove any debris that may be under the house. We may also remove part of the foundation enclosure such as baseboards or sheet linings. We’ll check and repair underfloor services, such as drains, pipes, wiring and conduits. Once the subfloor is dry to current Building Code standards, or those of the material manufacturer, we’ll reinstate or replace underfloor insulation.

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Flood damage restoration by DBS Residential

DBS Residential offers a comprehensive range of flood restoration services to address the aftermath of floods in Auckland.

When dealing with the shock and loss after your home is flooded, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the thought of rebuilding. If your Auckland home has been affected by recent floods, don’t hesitate to contact DBS Residential on 09-884 0919 or send an email. Our expert team is ready to assess the damage and get started on the flood repairs and rebuild. Based on the North Shore, we carry out Auckland flood repairs as far north as Orewa, in the central Auckland suburbs, South Auckland and through West Auckland out to Kumeu.

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